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Healthcare Law & Administration LL.M. Curriculum

The LL.M. in Health Law & Administration is for those who have a law degree and are interested in learning more about health law. Potential students include current employees of health systems or agencies as well as those wanting to make a career shift to healthcare.

Loyola’s LL.M. degree requires completion of 24 semester credit hours and a thesis paper of publishable quality.  The thesis requirement may be completed by taking three (3) credit hours of Legal Research (LAW-L898) or any seminar or course (including required or elective courses listed below), which is at least two (2) credit hours and in which a paper related to health law of at least 20 pages is required or offered by the instructor, where the topic of the paper is subject to the approval of the Academic Director of the Health Law Program. The LL.M. program can be completed in two semesters or spread over up to three years.


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Required Core Courses (11-12 hours total) 

LAW L807 Introduction to Health Law (3 hrs)
LAW L912 Health Law II:  Access, Regulation, Compliance and Strategy (3 hrs)
LAW L898 Legal Research / Other Course (thesis paper - see above) (2-3 hrs) 

Plus one of the following:

LAW L844 Administrative Law (3 hrs)
LAW L847 Legislation and Regulation (3 hrs)
LAW L940 Risk and the Administrative State (3 hrs)

Elective Courses: Law (9-13 hours total)

LAW L746 Business Organizations I (3 hrs)
LAW L747 Business Organizations II (3 hrs)
LAW L781 Law and Poverty (2 hrs)
LAW L800 Health Care Privacy and Security (3 hrs)
LAW L801 Intellectual Property Law (3 hrs)
LAW L817 Mediation and Arbitration (3 hrs)
LAW L822 Bioethics and the Law (3 hrs)
LAW L825 Medical Malpractice (2 or 3 hrs)
LAW L830 Comparative Reproductive Bioethics and the Law (1 hr)
LAW L834 Environmental Justice (2 or 3 hrs)
LAW L854 Insurance Law (3 hrs) 
LAW L855 Children and the Law (3 hrs)
LAW L896 Professional Seminar: Medicare Law (2 hrs)
LAW L900 Approved Health-Related Academic Externship (1-3 hrs)
LAW L902 Elder and Disabled Law (2 hrs)
LAW L914 Health Care Compliance (3 hrs)
LAW L915 Healthcare Fraud and Abuse (3 hrs)
LAW L916 Disability and the Law (3 hrs)
LAW L917 Public Health Law (3 hrs)
LAW L937 Selected Topics in Immigration (2 hrs)
LAW L938 Health in Immigration and Citizenship Law (1-2 hrs)
LAWM L705 U.S. Law and Legal Analysis (1 credit)
LAWM L710 Graduate Seminar in Health and Environmental Law (3 hrs)

Elective Courses: Non-Law (0-3 hours) 

MGT B700 Organizational Behavior and Leadership (3 Credits)
MGT B705 Strategic Communication (3 Credits)
MGT B710 Operations and Process Management (3 Credits)
MGT B725 Quality and Performance Excellence (3 Credits)
MGT B740 Business of Healthcare (3 Credits)

For more information, please contact the Health Law Program Director, Professor Nicole Tuchinda.