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3 + 3 Accelerated Degree Program FAQ

Q: What is the 3+3 Accelerated Degree Program?

A: Traditionally, earning a law degree takes seven years of full-time study: four years of undergraduate study, followed by three years of law school. In the 3+3 Accelerated Degree Program (or “3+3 Program”), Loyola University New Orleans undergraduate students may combine the last year of their undergraduate education with their first year of law school. This means that eligible students have the potential to earn their undergraduate degree and law degree in a combination of six years. At this time, the program is only available to Loyola University New Orleans undergraduate students.


Q: What is the advantage of the 3+3 program?

A: Because students can complete the program in six years, students save a year of tuition and related expenses. The best benefit of all -- You get to dive into your career a year earlier!


Q: How does the 3+3 Program work?

A: Interested students must complete the required courses in their major (including any adjunct courses) and their Loyola Core courses as well as any language requirements before they achieve senior status. The College in which the student is enrolled (i.e. College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, etc.) must grant the student permission to participate in the 3+3 Program. Granting permission means that the student’s College will accept Loyola Law’s first-year coursework in lieu of elective requirements for graduation. In addition to the Application Requirements described above, candidates’ application materials must include written permission from their dean or departmental chairperson to participate in the 3+3 Program.


Q: I’m not sure if law school is right for me. May I visit a class?

A: Absolutely! There are many ways to visit class and campus. Check out all the ways to experience Loyola Law!


Q: I’m interested in the 3+3 Program. What is my first step?

A: The first step is to talk to your College’s leadership, like the dean, associate dean, or your department chairperson. Together, map out your plan of action with the goal of fulfilling all of your major’s requirements within three years. Contact the Office of Law Admissions at or (504) 861-5575 when you are ready to apply. A counselor will walk you through the application process.


Q: Is the LSAT required?

A: Yes. All 3+3 Program candidates are required to take the Law School Admission Test or LSAT. Strive to do your best. The Admissions Committee recommends that 3+3 applicants earn a LSAT score that is at least at the 75th percentile for the current 1L class. The current 1L class’s 75th percentile is 155.


Q: How do I apply?

A: First, review the Application Requirements for those interested in the JD or a joint-JD program and apply. Next, forward to the Office of Law Admissions your dean’s or departmental chairperson’s written permission. The letter must state that you have completed the required coursework for your major and Loyola Law’s first-year curriculum will satisfy your elective requirements. The Office of Law Admissions will keep you informed throughout all stages of the application process and let you know if you need to supplement your application in any way.

You must complete your applications by April 30 in the year you intend to enroll in law school. If you are not offered admission as a 3+3 Program student, the Admissions Committee will simply withdraw your application and encourage you to apply after you complete your undergraduate degree.


Q: I received a scholarship for undergrad, will it cover law school tuition?

A: No; however, Loyola Law awards competitive scholarships for up to full tuition. Because you will be classified as an undergraduate student, you will be eligible for financial aid resources that are exclusive to graduate and professional students. Reach out to the Financial Aid Office for more information on those resources. If the Loyola student has Louisiana TOPS eligibility, those funds may be applied toward law school tuition. 


Q: I have more questions. Who shall I contact?

A. Reach out to the Office of Law Admissions at or (504) 861-5575 to speak with an admission counselor.