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Self-Created Externships

Some students secure a volunteer internship they want to convert to an externship, some want help finding a summer placement back home or in another out-of-state location, and other students are simply interested in a local agency or organization not already on our list of pre-approved placements.  In all of these cases the student is able to work with the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning (OSEL) to build an opportunity through the self-created externship process. To qualify as a self-created externship, the proposed placement must meet the following criteria:

  1. The proposed placement must be a court, government agency, or non-profit legal organization.  Currently, Loyola College of Law does not place students in a for-profit setting;
  2. An experienced attorney must be willing to supervise the student and ensure the opportunity consists primarily of substantive legal work;
  3. Students may not receive compensation, including independent or third-party funding, for the work performed at the placement. Students may receive reimbursement for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses such as parking.
  4. The agency must sign a memorandum of understanding and agree to meet all externship program expectations before the placement is approved.  

All students have to do to begin the self-created externship process is schedule a meeting with Professor Finger by contacting her at Finding, vetting, and coordinating with potential placements takes time, so please come see Dean Finger several months before the start of the desired semester of enrollment.